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    In-Game Username: Bran03
    Discord Name (ex. Name#1234): Brandon1#3777
    First Name (optional): Brandon
    Current Age: 17
    Timezone: Est

    Are you able to record hackers/screenshot evidence?

    Do you have a working microphone?

    When are you most active? How many hours can you provide to CactusMC Server and Discord in a week?
    6-10pm est is when Ill be online.

    What CactusMC server(s) are you the most active on? What is it about that particular game mode that keeps you interested?
    Skyblock, the grind and trying to compete for is top.

    Have you ever been banned on CactusMC? If so, why should this not affect your chances?
    Yes I have, because iv learned from my mistakes and it hasn't and wont happen again. I have started enjoying the server more and dont want to be banned again.

    What can you offer or bring to the table for CactusMC with the position you're applying for?

    I bring activity and am learning to code through a class and hopefully in the future will be given a chance to code for the server.

    Why should we choose you over any other applicant?
    I am very active and could bring some creative ideas to the table. Also moderate the chat very often for my roll.

    Name a mistake you made during your time here on CactusMC. How did you fix that mistake? What did you learn from it?
    Having the wrong people on my island just inviting everyone that needs one and some turning and trying to cheat getting us all banned. I now have application you have to fill out to join.

    Are you currently staff on any other server(s) and how much could this limit your playtime on CactusMC?
    No, so all my time will be going towards CactusMC.

    Tell us your previous server moderation experience, with proof if applicable. If you lack previous experience, why should you be chosen over any other applicant?
    I have been staff of multiple severs such as Mine Superior, AddictiveMC and OrbiMIC. Only being Mod on Orbi and the others Helper. I have no proof of being the staff but can get people to vouch for me if I ask around if needed.

    Tell us your greatest strengths. How would these help you during your time staffing, if accepted?
    My greatest strength is that I am very active and have seen a lot of situations and am capable of imputing my opinion.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?