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    Factions Lizard Map 1 Announcement
    Map Start Saturday, May 23, 8 PM CEST - 2 PM EST

    The map will open on Saturday, May 23, 8 PM CEST
    The map grace period will end on Thursday, May 28, 8 PM CEST (5-day grace)
    The map will close on Saturday, June 5, 8 PM CEST (2-week map)

    World Sizes

    - 5,000 x 5,000
    The End - 5,000 x 5,000
    Desert - 5,000 x 5,000

    Factions Top

    The following prizes will be paid out weekly to the Factions Top.
    FTOP payout is done every saturday 8PM CEST

    1st Place - $50 PayPal and $75 Store Voucher
    2nd Place - $25 PayPal and $50 Store Voucher
    3rd Place - $15 PayPal and $30 Store Voucher
    4th Place - $20 Store Voucher
    5th Place - $10 Store Voucher
    Total $275 Weekly paid out


    We've got great new features that will be added to Map 1.
    - Added a /roam feature, check out bases with a max distance of 100 blocks.
    - A new collector, mobstacking and spawner stacking plugin has been added.
    - An EXP Shop, where you can spend your EXP on various shop items has been added.
    - Added a /class selection feature, set a class for the whole map, each class has its own permanent effect.
    - And all the good from Factions Camel Map 2.

    See you on Factions Lizard Map 1 Launch!​
    bois i don't think custom enchants are appropriate, we had then a couple seasons back, it didn't go well. Maybe a new map for custom enchants? if you want them that bad :/


    Staff member
    Hey guys, custom enchants are not having high priority. I try to make the game fun with other features currently.
    If custom enchants were to be added, they would be potion only enchants. Nothing like cosmic or anything.