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    Welcome to the CactusMC Forums!

    Hey there, we have some information ready for you to read, this will be a quick info sheet.
    There might be a big chance, and this is the reason also why, that you are coming from the BreachPvP server.
    In this thread I will be giving you more the information about what is happening with BreachPvP and CactusMC.

    When will CactusMC release?
    The official date is not set yet. Although, we can say that our logo and icon will be done around April 6th, after this, we will announce dates for when the Skyblock and Factions maps will start. Between 10 and 17th April.

    Where is BreachPvP?
    If you haven't heard yet from the Discord server a couple days ago, BreachPvP got rebranded.
    From now on, BreachPvP will be here in our history and it made place for the new network CactusMC.
    We will be focussed on Skyblock mainly, but also run Factions. We will go through everything to make sure you will have the original BreachPvP feeling when playing our server!

    What about my store purchases on BreachPvP?
    Store purchases from BreachPvP will be refunded in form of vouchers. 70% of your TOTAL store spendings on BreachPvP over the last 4 years will be refunded in form of a voucher.

    The CactusMC staff team
    We are currently looking for staff members! We seek for unbiased, untoxic and nice staff members for CactusMC. If you want a new experience, hop on the forums and apply for a staff rank!
    Currently our team is small. Our team is confirmed with me as owner, @Ben as community manager, @TheGreat4th as staff manager and @jessegeerts as System Administrator. Both are from the BreachPvP team!

    Do you have more questions?
    Feel free to ask! You can simply note down your question in the replies below this post or contact a staff member personally!